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Your phone selfie is not helping your business….

Whew….  sorry to be so blunt about it your headshot, but it’s true.  It’s your business, its your baby.  The thing you spend all day and night at trying to make successful, missing nights out with friends, stressing over which insurance is best and what accounting program to use.  So when you put your business out into the public eye, on your Facebook business page, on your LinkedIn, your Instagram for all the world to see, why do you think a crummy cell phone photo is ok?    I see professional people doing this all the time.  You may decide to hire an accountant for your business, so as you peruse through all the local business options, are you going to pick the one showing that person in a blurry selfie with a group of friends drinking at the race track?  Probably not.  Accounting is serious business, and you will more than likely choose the professional who went “professional” all the way.  Their image and their company is important, they know it, and they want you to know it too.

So when you think corporate headshots or business branding… do you immediately think grey background and power tie?  Well just stop it.  A true headshot really portrays who you are and what you do.   For example, Jennifer here makes amazing juices and promotes a raw vegan lifestyle.  She is a super healthy, fun loving and very sweet “wants to get to know you” kind of person.  Putting her in a business suit on a grey background makes no sense for style and business brand.  Thats not who she is, that is not what her business image is about.  So just because you ditch the “fun” selfie, doesn’t mean this isn’t all about your business, your personality and that this isn’t personal.

A branded headshot session is going to take an hour-ish, and will be relevant for quite some time.  So it is a small investment in money and time that will really have a nice impact on your business’ image overall.

If you have questions about the process or would like to set an appt for your own session, by all means give us a call!  You can call direct at 951-534-7457 or reach out through our website at   All the best,  Jillian


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