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Looking for ideas for your senior portrait?  Well of course everyone is different and has different interests and hobbies.  If you are not sure how that would look in a portrait, you may just want to call up or email a photographer and talk it over with them.  For example here with Ashley’s portraits, she loves the beach and she is a budding artist.  So when her mom and I discussed all her hobbies, she wasn’t exactly sure how well that would translate into a senior portrait.  Of course I already started getting a bunch of ideas and was looking forward to how we could lay this all out for her and get her the look that she had been wanting for so long.

So we decided on a date and a time, and when picture day rolled around we all headed to the Seal Beach Pier!  Now I would love to say that is was a nice gorgeous warm day.  It was not.  It was coooooooold and a little breezy and of course our darling Ashley is wearing a dress.  But let me tell you this girl was an absolute trooper, she loved having her senior portrait done, she was excited to be there and she was game for just about anything!  That my friends is a winning combination and hopefully shines through in her portraits, which are as unique as she is.

So please check out Ashley’s senior portraits below, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did photographing them.  If you are interested in a photography session for your own soon to be senior, feel free to reach out to us!  You can give us a call at 951-534-7457, or drop us a line through the contact form on our website here at

We appreciate you stopping by!

All the best,  Jillian

Senior Portrait - Pure Photography

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Second Photographer for Christine Arnold Photography

When you are searching for a wedding photographer, one of the many things you will want to think about is if you would like to have what is called a “second shooter” a.k.a. additional photographer added to your wedding package.  I regularly work with Christine at Christine Arnold Photography and if you have not had a chance to check out here work, you really should just click the link and head on over.  Her work is fantastic, her coverage is solid and emotive, she is exactly what you want in a photographer!


So why would you want to add a second shooter to your package?  Well I am gonna tell ya!


One very good reason is you want coverage of two people getting ready at the same time in different locations.  It is very rare that couples get ready together, while the couple shown below did, most do not.  You may have already been together for a million years but something about the wow factor on your wedding day leaves most people getting ready separately.  There is really something to be said about the anticipation of seeing your beloved for the first time all dressed up on your wedding day.

Secondly for venues that do not allow photographers to freely move around, having a second angle and alternate position is always a good idea.   Many churches and different venues can be fairly restrictive, so it’s important to know the rules of the venue when booking your photographer.  This may not have been something you would have thought happens, but it happens fairly often.  Additionally, having another photographer during the ceremony will ensure you have a variety of angles, and is a nice insurance policy as unexpected things do happen from time to time.

Thirdly, deciding what is important to you.  If you are going to do bridal portraits during a cocktail hour, would you like pictures of your guests?  While your main photographer is creating beautiful portraiture for you, your additional photographer can mingle with your guests and get some lovely pictures of them while everyone is happy and looking fantastic.  So think about what you want and the flow of your day really consider if one person can realistically do it all.  If not it may be time to think about adding a second for the whole day or possible just a few hours.

So below was a was an LBGTQ wedding that I second shot with Christine at the Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs where she shoots quite often.  This couple was really just the sweetest and had the cutest little best man/doggie in town!  dog-wedding-ring-bearersucculent-boutonneiresgetting-ready-avalon-hotelhandsome-groomsfirst-look-avalon-hotellgbtq-wedding-avalon-hotelavalon-hotel-wedding-palm-springspalm-springs-lgbtq-weddingwedding-decordessert-table-avalon-hotelavalon-hotel-outdoor-wedding

Need a new headshot?  Well if it has been more than a couple of years since you have updated your on line persona, then it is probably past time!

We enjoy doing business branding and corporate headshot photography here, so if you are in need or would like a consult to go over your options, by all means give us a call.

This particular session was to be a bit more of a regular headshot as opposed to a business branding type session like we did here for Jennifer.  My client does a lot of speaking engagements on important topics so it was important for him to have a variety of polished looks for his website, business card and marketing materials.  I had him bring in a few outfit choices and we did some mix and match from there to get several nice looks.

We also opted for a darker grey backdrop, so as the business logos and colors may change, the grey will tend to stand the test of time color wise and easily match or blend with new color schemes.  Most of this will all be discussed in your initial consultation so that we can make sure you get the headshot you want and that is cohesive with your overall look.  So here are a few from Tom’s session, I hope you enjoy them.

If you have questions about the corporate headshot process or would like to book your own session, feel free to reach out to us at 951-534-7457 or fill out the contact form on our website at 

We look forward to hearing from you! corporate headshot three quarter poseBusiness PhotographyClose up headshot casualbusiness headshotFull Length Business Portrait

Huntington Harbor Yacht  Club

When you go through all the effort and hard work to plan a corporate event, don’t forget to include a professional photographer.  So much goes into planning an exciting evening for your coworkers or corporate partners that it would be a shame not to have that gala event documented in photographs.  Many times this is the once a year that corporate partners and staff get together, so that is definitely something worth documenting!

This particular mixer at Huntington Harbor Yacht Club was a charity mixer and a celebration of some much anticipated improvements to the harbor.  Many residents had been looking forward to this for quite some time, and it was all systems go!  Everyone got to spend time with their neighbors, enjoy a charity auction and have a few cocktails!

I hope you enjoy a few of the images we took from from the day, and if you are in need of an event or corporate photographer, feel free to give us a call!  We can be reached at 951-534-7457 or via the contact form on our website at!  Best,  Jillian

Huntington Harbor Yacht Club
















Corporate Event Photography

Equestrian Holiday Photography Session

Holiday photography sessions for your seasonal cards to include horses this year!  This years session theme wraps up your beautiful horses in holiday wreaths with your family.  Perfect for the horse enthusiast who loves to include their family and all the animals in an artistic photograph for your holiday cards.

We are now booking for the promotion below, please call for scheduling and availability!

Horse Photographer

Horse Photographer

Horses wearing holiday wreaths for seasonal cards

Holiday cards with your horses

This dog is more than just a pet, he is absolutely part of the family.  So when puppy Dagger came home and was destined for the dog show ring, it was important to his mom to keep a record of his growth and changes.  She set him up for a “watch me grow” series and we get to photograph this gorgeous guy every 3 months.  Its amazing how fast and how big he has gotten in all that time.  He is pictured here just at 7 months old and he already looks like a full grown dog, and I know he has plenty of growing yet to do!!

So for our last session we just took him for a romp outside and did more of a candid play session.  For this photography session, since he is turning into such a stunning boy, we wanted something a little more moody and classic looking.  So we opted for a moody black on black and I think we got some great images of this beautiful boy.  Plus I got lots of kisses, and maybe just a little slobber, but it was totally worth it.

If you would like information on having your own pet photographed by all means give us a call at 951-534-7457, or drop by our website at and drop us a note in the contact section!Great dane dressed as batmanGreat Dane Photography in Black and White

Classic Dog Photography

Classic Dog Photography

As a photographer, intimate weddings are some of my all time favorites and unfortunately I am a little late to the game with this blog post!  But this was one of my cutest and sweetest couples last year.  This was a second wedding for both and they were so relaxed and happy, that they just let the day flow and had a bunch of fun with family and friends.  Both of these families coming together was just the way a wedding should be.  Everyone lent a hand for this gorgeous DIY wedding, from rushing around to set up tables and chairs, to a gorgeous hand made cake and cupcakes.

The bride looked amazing with her daughters by her side, all bridesmaids dressed in beautiful red dresses to just complete the fall color scheme.  Everything went of without a hitch and I could not be happier for these two.  Congrats you two, all your hard work, love and devotion has absolutely paid off!  Wedding Portrait

Getting Ready Wedding DetailsGetting Ready for First LookWedding First LookBlythe PhotographerBlythe Wedding CeremonyFall Wedding in BlytheBlack & White Wedding PortraitGroom Kissing his brides handThe Wedding PartyThe First DancePumpkin Theme Wedding CakeCake Cutting DIY WeddingThe Wedding Family

Maternity photography is an excellent way to celebrate your new baby.  I know that pregnancy can be an interesting time for a woman, some really love it, and some just don’t!  But as a photographer I love the look and happiness of a pregnant woman.  There’s just so much love and excitement on the way and its truly just a magical time.

For this particular session, my mom to be really wanted all of her family with her.  Some just like to take a break from it all and do a solo session and others, like this mom, like to pull everyone together and document the occasion as a family.  So when you do the whole family session like this with a toddler, just know that everything is going to take a little bit longer.  Because… you know… toddler.  He was actually really great for this photography session, but I asked that we have grandma on deck so we could go out for our couples and solo shots and it ended up working out perfectly!

So this shoot starts out basically like every other shoot where we discuss what you are hoping to get out of the session, the look you are hoping for and the appropriate wardrobe for your choices.  We like to start booking these sessions right around 7 months or so, but it really depends on your body type and how you are showing.  Some women are really showing at 7, and some just barely are until 8 and 9 months.  So the best thing to do is reach out to us at around 7 months and we can play it by ear as far as the timing goes.  If you have questions about the process you can absolutely give us a call at 951-534-7457 or swing by our website at

With all that being said, we hope you enjoy the final results of our session!  All the best,  Jillian

Maternity Photography session with ToddlerHusband wife and baby maternity sessionOutdoor Maternity PhotographyBlack and White Maternity PhotosCouples maternity photographerPregnancy Photography


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